The Gogebic County Federal Credit Union celebrated its 56th anniversary on March 2, 2008.

Its existence began March 2, 1952 then known as Pickands Mather Employees Federal Credit Union for the employees of the then Pickands Mather mines.¬  Geneva Mine later became another Pickands Mather mine and on November 4, 1957 the bylaws were amended to include the employees of all the Pickands Mather mines in Wakefield, Bessemer, Ironwood, and Hurley and their immediate families.

On March 3, 1964, the name was changed from Pickands Mather Federal Credit Union to the Bessemer Community Federal Credit Union for persons who work or live in Bessemer or Bessemer Township and their families and members on record from Pickands Mather Employees Federal Credit Union.

On February 26, 1977, a merger was completed with the Wakefield Coop Credit Union and the Bessemer Community Federal Credit Union.¬  The Wakefield Coop Credit Union‚Äôs existence was then terminated.

On March, 2, 1977, the name was changed to the Gogebic County Federal Credit Union, with field of membership limited to persons who live or work in Gogebic County.¬  Its assets are currently 4.5 million dollars.

In September of 1993 the bookkeeping system was upgraded to enable the credit union to expand its services to include direct deposit and checking accounts.¬  It now offers a full range of financial services to its members.

In order to serve its members better, the credit union relocated to west U.S. 2 in Bessemer in late February 1998.¬  On December 30, 1998 a new time and temperature sign was erected on the west side of the building.

We welcome young savers and encourage sound savings habits.¬  Most young people establish their savings habits by the time they are 14 years old.¬  The Credit Union will do everything possible to encourage youth membership to get these you men and women on the right financial track.

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